Cytoscape v3.2 Launch Challenge

The Cytoscape team is committed both to producing best-of-breed software and enabling our users to create valuable and beautiful results. We are very proud of our new v3.2 release, and are celebrating by giving our users a chance to show off their excellent work and ideas – with cash prizes for the best in each category.

How the Competition Works

Submit your best work in any of the categories below – 1 submission per category per person:

  1. Best example of using Cytoscape for Biology
  2. Most novel use of Cytoscape
  3. Most valuable feature to add to Cytoscape
  4. Most aesthetically pleasing network visualization in Cytoscape
Submit text (up to 3 clear and concise sentences), a picture (as .png), or both – whichever tells the most compelling story. You can use Cytoscape apps to create your submission. Submit via email and tell us how to reach you (in case you win). Submit before December 15, 2014.


Winners will be chosen in each category solely based on judgment by the Cytoscape team. Prizes include Amazon gift cards:

  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $50
  • Consolation (chosen by lottery): $25
To receive a prize, all winners must agree to have their entry posted on the Cytoscape web site (