Interface CyShutdownRequestedListener

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public interface CyShutdownRequestedListener extends CyListener
The listener for the CyShutdownRequestedEvent. Apps should not listen for CyShutdownRequestedEvent. It is used internally by Cytoscape to prompt the user if they want to cancel exiting Cytoscape. Apps should only use CyShutdownListener to be notified of shutdown.

Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (SPI Interface): We expect that this interface will be implemented. Therefore to maintain backwards compatibility this interface will only be modified for major version updates.

Module: application-api

To use this in your app, include the following dependency in your POM:


Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (DO NOT USE): This interface may change or be removed in future minor version upgrades of Cytoscape. It is not safe for Apps to reference or implement this interface.
  • Method Details

    • handleEvent

      void handleEvent(CyShutdownRequestedEvent e)
      Process the specified event.
      e - The event being processed.