Class AbstractStringTunableHandler

All Implemented Interfaces:
StringTunableHandler, TunableHandler

public abstract class AbstractStringTunableHandler extends AbstractTunableHandler implements StringTunableHandler
  • Constructor Details

    • AbstractStringTunableHandler

      public AbstractStringTunableHandler(Field f, Object o, Tunable t)
    • AbstractStringTunableHandler

      public AbstractStringTunableHandler(Method get, Method set, Object o, Tunable t)
  • Method Details

    • processArgString

      public void processArgString(String s)
      Specified by:
      processArgString in interface StringTunableHandler
    • processArg

      public abstract Object processArg(String arg) throws Exception
      Each specific handler really only needs to implement this method and all it does is convert the String input into a value of the appropriate type.
      Specified by:
      processArg in interface StringTunableHandler
      arg - A String representing a value that will be parsed into an object of a specific type.
      An object of a particular type based on the input string.
      Exception - If there is any problem converting the string into an object.
    • handle

      public final void handle()
      Description copied from interface: TunableHandler
      Updates an annotated object with the current value as retrieved from the the user interface generated by this handler.
      Specified by:
      handle in interface TunableHandler