Interface CyCLFactory

public interface CyCLFactory
CyCLFactory is the service that provides access to the OpenCL interface in Cytoscape. Access CyCLFactory through the service registrar: CyCLFactory cycl = serviceRegistrar.getService(CyCLFactory.class); Once you have the CyCLFactory, callers must check to make sure OpenCL is available on this computer by calling isInitialized(). If isInitialized() returns false, then no OpenCL is available and all other calls will fail.
  • Method Details

    • isInitialized

      boolean isInitialized()
      Check to see if OpenCL has been initialized. If this method returns false, there is no OpenCL context on this platform.
      true if OpenCL is availalbe, false otherwise
    • getDevice

      CyCLDevice getDevice()
      Return the best (or preferred) device for this computer
      list of all OpenCL devices
    • getDevices

      List<CyCLDevice> getDevices()
      Return a list of all of the devices available on this computer
      list of all OpenCL devices
    • makePreferred

      void makePreferred(String name)
      Make a particular device the preferred device. This avoids the internal benchmark step and can significantly improve initialization.
      name - the name of the device to be the preferred device
    • createContext

      CyCLContext createContext(CyCLDevice device)
      Create a new context for a device
      device - the devide to create the context for
      a new context for this device