Package org.cytoscape.equations

package org.cytoscape.equations
Various types and utility methods relating to attribute equations.
  • Class
    Base class for all Function implementations.
    A node in the parse tree.
    A class describing a function argument.
    An enum specifying a function argument type.
    Encapsulates compiled code with the location in the original source equation.
    The class representing an equation.
    Compiler that compiles equations to byte (non-Java) code.
    Parser for a string representing an equation.
    Tokeniser for a string representing an equation.
    Various static utility methods relating to equations.
    The basic description of a Function.
    A class describing an error in a function.
    A collection of static methods that may be useful for the implementation of built-in functions.
    Used to hold a current value for an equation's variable reference.
    Executes the code represented by an equation.
    Represents the interpretation of a substring of an equation string.
    The interface for a node within the Equation parse tree.