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This package provides a mechanism for executing remote jobs from within Cytoscape.
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    A CyJob represents all of the state information necessary to marshal and unmarshal data, submit jobs, query job status, and fetch results.
    CyJobData presents a general interface to sending data to and receiving data from a job.
    The main interface for the marshalling and unmarshalling of data to be exchanged with remote services.
    The CyJobExecutionService is a stateless service that can be used to provide remote job services, including the execution, cancellation, status checking, and retrieval of results.
    Apps are expected to implement this interface to receive notifications about job completions.
    This object stores information about the status of a CyJob, including the actual job status (CyJobStatus.Status) and any message returned from the remote execution.
    This enum contains the primary status returned from the remote execution.