Interface CyTableViewManager

public interface CyTableViewManager
Basic access to table views in an instance of Cytoscape. There can only be one table view per table, and the table view is created automatically on demand.

Module: viewmodel-api

To use this in your app, include the following dependency in your POM:


Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (API Interface): We expect that this interface will be used but not implemented by developers using this interface. As such, we reserve the right to add methods to the interface as part of minor version upgrades. We will not remove methods for any changes other than major version upgrades.
  • Method Details

    • getTableViewSet

      Set<CyTableView> getTableViewSet()
      Returns all table views known to this manager.
    • getTableView

      CyTableView getTableView(CyTable table)
      Returns the table view for the given table.
    • setTableView

      void setTableView(CyTableView tableView)
      Sets the table view for the given table. Note: you cannot replace the table view for the default node/edge/network tables.
    • destroyTableView

      void destroyTableView(CyTableView view)
      Destroys the given table view.
    • reset

      void reset()

      Cytoscape Backwards Compatibility (DO NOT USE): This method may change or be removed in future minor version upgrades of Cytoscape. It is not safe for Apps to call or override this method.

      Apps should not call this method. Resetting the CyNetworkViewManager at the wrong time will put Cytoscape into an inconsistent internal state.