Package org.cytoscape.view.presentation.annotations

package org.cytoscape.view.presentation.annotations
This package provides support for graphical annotations associated with a Cytoscape CyNetworkView. Annotations currently include shapes ShapeAnnotation, text TextAnnotation, bounded text BoundedTextAnnotation, and images ImageAnnotation. In addition to the standard annotations the pacakge also supports connectors ArrowAnnotation that can connect an annotation to a point, another annotation, or to a CyNode.

Annotations are created by calls to the appropriate org.cytoscape.view.presentation.annotations.AnnotationFactory#createAnnotation(). In general, each annotation type has it's own AnnotationFactory. To get the correct factory, in your CyActivator, you will need do a filtered org.cytoscape.service.util.AbstractCyActivator#getService():
AnnotationFactory<ShapeAnnotation> shapeFactory = getService(bc, AnnotationFactory.class, "(type=ShapeAnnotation.class)");
Once an annotation is created, it must be added to the AnnotationManager, which will actually draw the annotation on the canvas.

In general, each type of annotation has it's own set of getter and setter routines that are appropriate for annotation type. Annotations are serialized and deserialized through CyTable entries. Annotation parameters may be set at creation time by setting the appropriate values in a arg map.