New Features in Cytoscape 2.7.0

Nested Networks

A node may now have a reference to another Network, which allows us to capture the relationships between networks in networks themselves. This feature includes a new file format (NNF) for nested network I/O and direct nested network editing via the Editor and Right-click menu. A Visual Property has been added to provide control of the visualization of the nested network.

New Edge Types

Several new edge types between solid and dashed have been added.

Newlines and list editing in attribute browser

The attribute browser has been updated to allow newline characters to be added by pressing the "Enter" key. List editing is now also enabled.

Automatic label wrap

A new visual property has been added that sets the width of a label. Any label extending beyond this width will be automatically wrapped.

Arrow color optionally locked to edge color

Arrow color may now be bound to the edge color by checking a box in the Dependencies pane of the Default Appearance Browser in the VizMapper, which avoids the necessity of creating separate-yet-identical mappings for edge, source, and target arrows.


Addition of a mechanism to the core to provide inter-plugin communication

BioPAX Level 3 support