Uses of Interface

Packages that use CyListener
This package provides application events/listeners, including Cytoscape startup/shutdown, setCurrentNetwork/setCurrentNetworkView/ setSelectedNetwork.
This package defines the various interfaces, abstract classes, and enums that represent the Cytoscape Swing Application API.
This package defines the various events fired by the Cytoscape Swing Application API.
This package contains the various events and listeners related to group management, creation, and destruction.
This package contains the event interfaces necessary for communicating with the classes in org.cytoscape.model.
This package provides a general property service interface for providing access to different types of property objects as OSGi services.
This package contains the interfaces and classes necessary to capturing, session change events.
Definitions for View-Model related events and their listeners.
Event implementations and listener interfaces for the Presentation layer.
Events for Visual Mappings.