Samples Created by 3.x

Interactive Visualization with Cytoscape.js

The following samples are created in Cytoscape 3.2, and then exported to Cytoscape.js compatible JSON files. For more information how to use Cytoscape and Cytoscape.js together, please read this section in the manual.

galFiltered.sif (from Ideker et al., Science 292:929 2001)
MAPK signaling pathway - Homo sapiens ( hsa04010 from KEGG Pathway database )

Samples Created by 2.x (desupported)

All gallery images are created by Keiichiro Ono and licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Feel free to reuse and remix. If you have any question about license, please send it to kono at ucsd dot edu.

Please acknowledge that the images were made using Cytoscape.